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SouthCloud's mission is to set a new standard of world class telecommunications delivery!


SouthCloud is a locally owned Australian company with over 20 years’ experience helping customers connect and stay connected to all forms of internet and voice communications networks across the country. Our core vision is to see every Australian connected to a reliable telecommunications service, regardless of where you live, work or play, and especially rural Australians. We are a connections business. We connect people to the internet; we connect people to their community; we connect people to a world of opportunity!

We can connect you to the internet over various networks such as NBN, 4G,5G, fixed wireless and mobile broadband technology. We can also connect your business or organisation to high speed NBN symmetrical enterprise ethernet. Our point of difference is our clear, strategic focus on customer service and satisfaction, born from a lack of customer service and point of service presence for consumers shown by the industry.

What we do

We can connect you to the internet over various networks like NBN, 4G or 5G as well asHigh Speed NBN Symmetrical Enterprise Ethernet.

how we help

WE PLACE OUR CUSTOMERS AT THE CENTRE OF OUR BUSINESS. We provide INTERnet and communications solutions.

We take the time to listen first and then provide solutions to your needs, and tailored to suit your desires. We don’t sell or force customers into a solution they don’t require. We provide solutions, always in a polite, experienced, well informed and professional manner, and you do the decision-making.

If you have a question or query, the team at SouthCloud are here to take your call.

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Andrew Buchanan is the Founder of SouthCloud, and brings over 20 years of Telecommunications experience, including leading field operations for both Telstra and NBN Co in Network Building, Design, Scoping, Install & Maintenance, Fault Identification & Rectification, Customer Service, Auditing and Deployment of networks.

Andrew's vision is for Regional and Rural Australia to have access to a high-quality, high-speed, Australian-built and serviced internet communications network that can be efficient, easy to deploy, profitable and reliable to all concerned. His list of experience and contacts within the communications sector will pave the way forward for SouthCloud in order to connect Australian Businesses and Residential customers alike to a true Australian fast speed Internet Network.


SouthCloud Founder