We love our SouthCloud team. More than a bunch of colleagues, we are family, with the same passion and goals to connect our local community to reliable internet, with a big smile and helping hand. Together we are changing the way customers expect to be treated by their telco providers. Life is busy, there is no time for bad or even average customer service. We promise you that you will never leave with a bad taste in your mouth after an experience with a SouthCloud team member.


Casey loves being involved in start-up businesses and has 15 years’ experience across a number of industries. She loves the early stages of a business’ life and feels this is where she can make a real difference. Casey played an integral part in the foundation of SouthCloud and development of back-end platforms. During this time she found a passion for all things automation and using technology to create efficiencies in her day! Casey then shifted her focus to sales and the real satisfaction of being the first point of contact for new SouthCloud customers. She is passionate about the SouthCloud culture and mission and finds great fulfilment in providing fantastic customer service to new and existing SouthCloud customers.


Jon is our technical go-to that also heads up our field team of amazing technicians. Jon joined SouthCloud in its early stages after 30 years working for larger Telcos. Jon grew tired of not being able to really help customers with a customised solution, and saw a need for a reliable rural solution for areas that did not have a reliable NBN service available. He developed a solution which has had great success with over 200 SouthCloud customers onboarded using Jon’s solution. Jon is also fantastic at mentoring younger technicians and is our go-to for any technical expertise. No doubt if you are a SouthCloud customer you would have seen Jonny’s kind, smiling face at your installation appointment.


Nicole is our wonderful operations manager that ensures that every customer's needs are taken care of, bringing with her a diverse range of experience and skills across the executive administrative field. Nicole has developed our customer service offering, maintains billing and organises the technicians schedule as her core role. And, thanks to Niole looking to develop her social media experience, we’ve been able to bring a large part of our marketing in house. Nicole has high ethics and integrity with a friendly yet confident and productive management style shown through her work and willing to go that extra mile to guarantee customer, team and management satisfaction. We couldn’t do this without Nicole’s dedication to customers and their experience with SouthCloud.


Reuben is our young gun, bringing five years’ experience with Telstra installing and maintaining telecommunications infrastructure, networking, IT and enhanced data solutions. Reuben is passionate about being able to provide customers with the newest and best technology solutions and assisting customers in resolving any issues that they might have.


Pernilla is our customer service manager. She has 15+ years experience in customer service which comes from a variety of previous roles including metropolitan based retail management and hospitality. She enjoys working with customers to make sure their needs are met and that they associate SouthCloud with positive customer care experiences. Pernilla also enjoys applying her creative abilities to problem solving, social media, marketing and brand development.


Ryan has had a few varied and interesting roles, from trainer and assessor to arcade attendant, logistics pick packer, Timezone and King Pin just to name a few. With a passion for technology and a natural ability to provide fantastic customer service, Ryan fits the SouthCloud team member profile perfectly. Ryan built his first computer at 11! He loves Ubiquiti networking products and hosts game servers for fun. He has automated his house with smart devices, home assistant and way too many devices – light switches, lights etc. Ryan loves SouthCloud because it's an independent solution for regional customers and innovates on existing technologies where larger players sit idle.


Josh has worked in various retail and customer service focused roles including Dan Murphy’s and 4WD Supacentre. Josh is pursuing a degree in geography at the University of Wollongong and loves driving. Josh loves SouthCloud because it’s a proper and reliable alternative for regional communities seeking a reliable internet service. He loves the focus on customer satisfaction and the ability to provide a variety of options to service them.

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Andrew Buchanan is the Founder of SouthCloud, and brings over 20 years of Telecommunications experience, including leading field operations for both Telstra and NBN Co in Network Building, Design, Scoping, Install & Maintenance, Fault Identification & Rectification, Customer Service, Auditing and Deployment of networks.

Andrew's vision is for Regional and Rural Australia to have access to a high-quality, high-speed, Australian-built and serviced internet communications network that can be efficient, easy to deploy, profitable and reliable to all concerned. His list of experience and contacts within the communications sector will pave the way forward for SouthCloud in order to connect Australian Businesses and Residential customers alike to a true Australian fast speed Internet Network.


SouthCloud Founder