Below are the SouthCloud® 4G Mobile Broadband Terms & Conditions surrounding the provisioning of services and pricing has also been included. Listed prices are either including GST or where it has not been included this symbol * will be placed next to the price:


SouthCloud® 4G Systems require one of three forms of pre-use testing procedures prior to activation so that the best experience for the customer can be provided.

  • Test 1 – For Permanent Location Use: Customer does the research when the customer is in a remote or hard to get to location. Customer provides a Google Pin Drop and screen shot of their location showing nearest cross streets or landmarks on the map that confirm the customers location. This info will need to be sent to SouthCloud® including where they plan to use the modem and for what purpose so that we can give expert help to position the modem in the correct location.
  • Test 2 – For Mobile Environment Use: Customer only needs to be informed of the performance issues that could affect the modem and SouthCloud® will do its best to inform the customer of the best possible management of the modem in order for the customer to get the most out of the modem.
  • Test 3 – Onsite test: This is required in most circumstances. A technician will be deployed to the field to test the service. Note: A callout  charge of $120* will be required to be paid if the 4G signal is enough to supply a constant reliable connection to the internet and service your needs, however this fee will be waived by SouthCloud® if you choose SouthCloud® to provide your 4G service. If you decide not to connect to SouthCloud® after we have confirmed a reliable service, this fee will be payable.  

SouthCloud® 4G modems are paid upfront by the customer @ $330* which includes the setup, configuration and free connection of up to 5 WIFI devices that can be connected to the modem within the premises covered. If the customer would like to install the modem themselves under a self install we will waive the professional install amount but charge the fee of $40* to configure the modem offsite so that when you receive your modem it is ready to go. We do not support nor allow a customers previously purchased 4G modem to be connected to one of our SIM cards unless that modem is identified as a modem that we can manage on to our network. We do not support 3rd party 4G modems. We are unable to trouble shoot them in the event of a fault.

3. 4G PLANS:

SouthCloud® plans are flexible. With options including 25Gb, 100Gb, 200Gb, 400Gb, 600Gb plans. You won’t pay for extra data use unless you go over your plan by more than 50Gb on a regular basis. Data download is supplied per month and not allowed to be carried over each month.


SouthCloud® 4G Modems are take anywhere devices. They need 240v power or hardwired to 12v power.


SouthCloud® 4G modems can be connected to a Voip phone for the purposes of connecting a mobile business, or residential customer too. SouthCloud® can host the voice services in this event. You won’t be able to connect other voice services through this system.


SouthCloud® does not guarantee speeds over the 4G network. Speeds are variable and SouthCloud® will not guarantee speeds in a 4G environment due to variables like the congestion of the local towers, through-puts that are shaped by the local tower provider, environmental issues like valleys and open country, strict frequencies that are available by the nearby towers.


Our 4G networks are very reliable and outages that affect the 4G network are very few and far between. Saying that outages do occur, in the event of an outage, we do our best to get it resolved.


SouthCloud® can increase the reliability of your service by installing a directional 4G antenna at cost to you unless SouthCloud® deem the area to be a strategic location and we can connect multiple customers. This can improve the signal strength and connection to the tower with your modem. This service is only available on a quote basis and no two sites are the same. Call us on 1800 001 555 to arrange an onsite visit to explain your options. The indicative prices surrounding these installations start from $1200 for the supply and installation of the directional antenna alone and from $600 for extra inclusions like point to point technology in order to send the signal to other areas on a private property. This price will not include other factors like time it takes to gain access to roof space, building entry points, building structure, removal of asbestos, height above the ground. The cost of supply and install of these services can also be paid off over a period of 12 months to reduce the impact of the installation process.


If a Modem is sent to you via the post you will be required to pay for the postage. In the event that you no longer need the services of SouthCloud® you need to inform us via email and allow us 30 days notice. We will then provide you with internet for 30 days until the end date expires. At the end of this time you are asked to return the SIM to our P.O. Box No.784 Bowral NSW 2576. If it is lost in transit, you will be responsible for its loss and a charge of $150 will be due by you in order for us to replace the SIM.


If you want to exit your plan within the first 12 months of commencing a monthly contract with SouthCloud® we will need to charge you $165 inc GST to cancel the paperwork and cover our administration costs. You will be required to post the SIM card back to us at your expense and you will not be subjected to Early Termination of Contract costs (ETC’s).


If a technician is required to attend your site to conduct 4G tests and establishes that you will be able to get a reliable service that will support your needs and you decide to connect to SouthCloud® we will waive the cost for that site visit. However if you elect to “not” connect to a SouthCloud® product for what ever reason we will enforce the onsite visit costs that we are out of pocket for in order to send a SouthCloud® Tech to the field to test your site in the first instance.


Plans are Monthly Contracted Plans, you are not locked into long term contracts. You will pay in advance and all your services are paid upfront. Equipment is to be paid for in full prior to connection of services unless negotiated by SouthCloud®.


4G Cloud Catcher - 25 Plan
4G Cloud Catcher - 100 Plan
4G Cloud Catcher - 200 Plan
4G Cloud Catcher - 400 Plan
4G Cloud Catcher - 600 Plan
4G Cloud Catcher - 25 Plan

If whilst you are connected to the SouthCloud® network by way of any of these technologies; 4G, NBN, Direct Fibre, or a SouthCloud® IT product, and your service endures and outage that requires a tech to attend the field to correct your issue that results in a problem being detected beyond the network boundary, ie. the point beyond the network boundary such as the Authentication point programmed through a SIM Card on a 4G product, or the Network Termination Device/Madison Box located on the side of a building when dealing with an nbn™ product, or the Network Termination Device at the end of a Fibre connection when connecting to Direct Fibre. All other wiring, sockets, networks, gateways are the responsibility of the customer. Renting or Privately Owned the customer is responsible beyond the network boundary. We can be engaged to assist the customer beyond the network boundary at a cost of $35* per 15mins or $120* per hour, spent identifying, locating, or correcting a problem beyond network boundary. The customer will be also liable for the callout fee for the SouthCloud® Tech to be sent to the field in the first place.


A callout fee is required to be paid by the customer that requests a technician to be sent to the field. This cost of $120* will be payable unless the tech identifies the problem to be inside the network boundary, meaning the problem caused was not the result of the customers network. If the problem was caused by the customers network the fee will be added to the customers bill. If this amount is due, the customer will never be asked by the technician to supply them with the funds. Under no circumstances are you to pay a technician directly for a fee due.


Internal WIFI networks and the trouble shooting of those networks are not the responsibility of SouthCloud®. SouthCloud® will do its best to help the customer identify and resolve WIFI issues but the cost of those services will be due by the customer to resolve the issues. This includes recently installed 4G modems supplied by SouthCloud®. WIFI networks are classed beyond the network boundary. The reason is because the variables caused by internal WIFI networks are endless. Factors such as internal interference, competition by other networks and environmental impacts, all cause untold issues.  


Your Data is guaranteed. If we say you will get 200GB we mean it. All data is replenished each month. Data is not carried over if you do not use it. If you go over we will turn a blind eye up until 50GB over use. Once you exceed 250GB on a 200GB plan that you will be charged at $15/1GB you go over. You will receive a prompt and you will need to contact us in order to either move your plan upwards to prevent over use of data next time. We like to work in with our customers in order to prevent messy over use charges and bill shock before it happens.  


The word “variable speed” means just that. 4G speeds will vary due to your location and ease of access to the nearest 4G tower and the level of traffic connected through the tower at any one particular time. Speeds are affected by internal private WIFI networks also that can slow speeds further. Other environmental factors like dense forests, mountainous country, HV powerlines and transformers will also impact upon speeds. Although these factors are outside SouthCloud® and its responsibilities, we will assist you to get the best out of your modem within reason as long as the customer is willing to provide for those services and expenses.

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